Soaring like a bird on high

In you I saw the sun and sky

A radiant blend of gold and blue

My yearning sought to claim the view…

A jewel in a velvet case

So much of heaven in your face

How could I know that as I dreamed

Nothing was truly as it seemed…

The memories all my visions traced

Within this world time has erased…


The Secret Truth…

Romance grew easy with us

A natural gliding sway

Drawn together from the start

We danced rapports ballet

Closely tied no thing concealed

Our private dreams in time revealed

Face to Face moving slow

And heartfelt hopes we came to know…

Or so I thought..

Or so it seemed..

But one was true

The other schemed…

The love we had

Was not to be

Truth was a secret

You kept from me…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

One Note Adrift…

Have there been no sighs

not even one

for we..

No lament or good-bye

for what use-to-be..

Was the loss of our rhyme

such a simple thing

when the Orchestra stopped

no voice lifted to sing..

Had the score of our song

somehow changed harmony

giving rise to the theme

of this sad rhapsody..

The rhythm of two

 skipped it’s way out of tune

ending our symphony

much too soon..

Now one broken heart beats

ripped and torn from this rift

and the metronome ticks

with one note left adrift…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015