Safe Harbor called

Not the figments of peaceful mortal comforts placed upon shoulders that sink….or those left moored in a stagnant pond by a rusted anchor, it’s chain missing a link…

Safe Harbor

The souls intangible truth, strength and core.. beckoned to her long lost reflection…

” in the mirror, child….

look there

look there…”



Come Night…

I see a glimpse

Just there

Star-kissed pearl fingertips

Patiently waiting

A welcome sight…

But no, not yet

I’ll not be reaching for that gentle hand

I’m not quite ready

At least… not this night…


Single Handed….

A labyrinth of tunnels

No guideposts were to come

No time to venture left or right

Straight towards the light

Now Run…

I stumbled, tripped

and sometimes fell

To give you Heaven

I walked through Hell..

This wasn’t some adventure

Never cared about the view

There was but one clear vision

A better life for you..

I wouldn’t stop

I couldn’t rest

To you, my children

I gave my best…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Hooves thundered loud

..Cloven strikes upon tender ground..

Alas… no purchase nor footing would be found

For with Iron Core

Strong and Pure

A Titan Held Fast

Ever Sound

Forever Sure…..


No Time To Waste….

I’ve ceased treading water

No longer hold my breath

Waiting for your heart to change

Would mean my certain death

The hours left for me to stroll

‘Neath Sun and Starry skies

Grows short and I shan’t waste them

Strangled searching for the whys….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

To Endure…

Do Please…

Leave me … Ignorant

Where only twisted minds aptly discern

Deranged thinking …

Do Please…

Leave me … Defiant

Choosing never to linger in tangled black

Making sense of senselessness …

Do Please…

Leave me … Free

From charred hearts beating

With an unconscionable pulse of cruelty …

Do Please…

Leave me … Hopeful

Holding fast in faith the truth

That Loves Light

Can and Will

Endure the Darkest Night …

Copyright © Murrsma 2015