In Peace…..


I hold the Sun from kinder days

well within my soul….

There the ice of cold ghosts past

all melt and slip away…



Maggie May played today…

Maggie May played today

Sweet mandolin swept me away…

His firebird was dusty blue

the top was always down

his blonde hair blew free

long and loose

he had sunglasses on…

A flashback to a school-girl crush

when Stewart sang his song

sweet mandolin strings plucked a beat

that strung her heart along…

A young one called a flower child

lives here within me still

and now and then when Stewart sings

again her memories spill…

Maggie May played today

Sweet mandolin swept me away…


How long she’s been gone

I just can not say

Its been quite a while

Far longer than a day

Left with no notice

I never did see

She faded away

The girl who was me

The one that was named

On the day of her birth

Lost her sure footing

Forgot all her worth

I’ve made it my goal

To be reconciled

For the search that I’m on

Is for my Mothers child…



No one saw her

the quick easy smile

the hand given to lift

through the extra mile…

The pain and needs

of a hurting mind

Her shoulder so soft

For comfort to find…

Days became months

and year after year

her kindness was there

and an ear to hear…

Yet none bothered to see her

not one cared or tried

no one ever saw her

Until she died…..



Safe Harbor called

Not the figments of peaceful mortal comforts placed upon shoulders that sink….or those left moored in a stagnant pond by a rusted anchor, it’s chain missing a link…

Safe Harbor

The souls intangible truth, strength and core.. beckoned to her long lost reflection…

” in the mirror, child….

look there

look there…”


Come Night…

I see a glimpse

Just there

Star-kissed pearl fingertips

Patiently waiting

A welcome sight…

But no, not yet

I’ll not be reaching for that gentle hand

I’m not quite ready

At least… not this night…


Single Handed….

A labyrinth of tunnels

No guideposts were to come

No time to venture left or right

Straight towards the light

Now Run…

I stumbled, tripped

and sometimes fell

To give you Heaven

I walked through Hell..

This wasn’t some adventure

Never cared about the view

There was but one clear vision

A better life for you..

I wouldn’t stop

I couldn’t rest

To you, my children

I gave my best…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015