To What End?

Gentle hearts strain against the yoke so tightly knit by the hands of cruel masters…

Yearning for answers to dispel depraved minds seeking only to defame and destroy

The Innocent

The Helpless

The Unerring  Victims trapped in a world of convoluted thinking…

A world lost…

To what end….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Our Waltz…


Might we

palm to palm

fingertip touch

and sway in equal measure..

Might we try to move in step

and learn to dance together..

Might we try

to slip through time

when changing rhythm

keeping rhyme..

When you’re the wind

I’ll willow bend

With love our waltz

Will have no end…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


They came to me on slippered feet

In the silence we would meet

Pictures flitted in my mind

Visions playing seek and find

Old dreams scampered in and out

Through the shadows full of doubt….

Yesterday’s  an antique dish

Tomorrow beckons…make a wish….




Dear One…

Might you

when memory comes

try to think kindly

by recalling once love…

Might you

when thinking of then

remember how we

fit like hands in one glove…

Might you

when seeing the past

let all anger fly free

by evoking … once love…