Behind words…

Such a Thrill

The words you said

I was your life..

Your World

You said

What I didn’t know

For you failed to say..

You felt the world owed you

And now I would pay…..


And so you drift…

Tell me please where do you go

When clouds are in your eyes

For though you’re sitting here with me

I sense a sad good-bye…

When you smile

Is it at me

Or something else

Some memory…

When I speak or touch your hand

Do you ever feel or understand…

Embraced within a foggy mist

held entrapped by sightless fists

I’m powerless as I watch you drift…

A Master In Rags…

Gnarled bent aching fingers

Deftly polish brass

Of well used treasured trumpet

He cradles like fragile glass

…Closes eyes…

…Purses lips…


With talent God-given

His Blue Music flows

Over those all around him

Soon a small crowd will grow

He never looks up

Rich notes never lag

All are witnessing Genius…

He’s a Master in Rags…

Sad Circus…

There was a time

You held my hand

And by my side

You’d always stand

But that was then

And this is now

All things for us

Have changed somehow

The jokes on me

A foolish clown

My rug was pulled

Clear upside-down

The sad unspoken mystery

Just how this came to be

When the Circus came to town

And turned me to a clown…


Rawly abiding…..

It bewildered the mind when at the start

sharp teeth found their way deep down into your heart

The bite was so fast it shocked and stunned

then, day after day…over time grew numb

You know full well all the while you are hiding…

the damage lives on rawly abiding

No where to draw comfort, no one will know…

when the death blow dealt doesn’t show

From outward appearance you seem quite well

For they all see you smiling…though it’s grief where you dwell…