When is Enough…Enough…

What else must happen

How much more will it take

For our World to Unite

For incorrupt Giants

……To Wake…..?


Reciprocal Cheval Glass

Working with Christopher is always a pleasure, I hope you all enjoy our collaborative piece…

The Brown Bag Special

To know joy,
to understand what
it means to feel sublime
means to know what
horror is,

To know what pain
can do to a person,
to a psyche,
is to understand the
inextricable link
between pain and peace

The depth and measure
are never left to choice
when a heart has pulsed with hope,
for it is far better to be pained
if daunting indifference
is the sorry alternative,

A heart ignorant of feeling
cannot be broken,
but is as still as stone,
never knowing the joys
of what pain can bring.

So pierce me then,
for comfort will be mine
within each tear
and carmine drop,
as I have felt
with all of me,

Because the house
in which pain lives
has a mirror,
and in that looking glass
pain takes off the mask
and shows others
what it wishes they
could so easily see,

That behind the scars,
and bloodied…

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My Muse…

imageIn Thanks and Honor to my muse…my grandmother who passed away long before my birth…of her many published poems this has always been my favorite… Published in 1932 when Lindbergh’s baby boy first went missing….

 Prayer for Lost Baby

Dear White Savior when it’s night

And winter’s stars blink coldly bright

And in the day while he’s away

Guard Lindy’s little one we pray

On those who stole him as he slept

Let thy strong fingers firm be kept

That Thou might halt them ere they make

A baby suffer for money’s sake

White Spirit of Jesus with thy might

Loan those that search all seeing sight

So Lindy Junior soon may be

Home in his own little nursery

Shepherd of Children let thy light

Shine down on the lost little one tonight….