Beyond my eyes

Through the looking glass

Heartbeats pulse

Of faces passed

Their Spirits whisper

Soft and light..

Their guidance shared

Each moonlit night…


Your Throne…

On the back of prides horse

you rode so high

thundering through clouds

thoughtlessly crashing by…

Your cup overflowed

with the strings you would hold

no care for the price

when the goal was more gold….

Waves occasionally came

from a broken hand

and wisdom eroded

like grains of sand…

Blind till the end

on an arrogant throne

of a fallen kingdom

 pride sits alone…

She Stays,,,

Holding fast to the narrow view

A sturdy cage of mind

Without a bar

Coloring carefully

Within well placed lines

She draws comfort

From the box of her making

Too timid

To stretch any thinking

Contentment is fed by her desires

 Not to go beyond the closet

Of her knowing

And all the while

Fears are growing…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

I Wonder….

Has the tree betrayed

When in drought it bears no ripened fare..

Or perhaps the sky

When it holds no rain cloud there…?

Does the one you thought wise

Who had so much to say

Bear the weight of your anger

If you’re then led astray…?

Do the children who learn

By the rules of one book

Deserve ridicule

Or the barb of a hook…?

Are our eyes only made

To seek out other’s sin

Or perhaps would see more

If they dared look within…?

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

One Stones Throw…

Shallow water spills

Filling cracks lacking depth

As stagnant pools form and grow..

Long forgotten a tomb decays

Leaving wisdom etched in stone to crumble,

Leavening  fallow ground,

And truth to flake in primal dust..

Hollow mouths then spew blackened pitch

For ears in need of honesty..

Corruption smiles with sharpened teeth

And false pride built pane by pane, shines..

Towering upon an edifice of glass

It stands firm on shifting sand

Certain not one remains that could ever throw

 A wise and trusted stone…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015