Dear One…

Might you

when memory comes

try to think kindly

by recalling once love…

Might you

when thinking of then

remember how we

fit like hands in one glove…

Might you

when seeing the past

let all anger fly free

by evoking … once love…


Echoes of You…

I wake with thoughts of you

Recalling so well when..

Daylight reveals your absence

I lose you once again…

Your name tender on my lips

Echoes in an empty space…

Barren fields..lifeless wood

There’s  no sign of you..Not even a trace

Without a warning…

A fracture in time

I wake to you

No longer…



Only Love..

You owe me nothing

No Homage ever need be paid…

You owe me nothing… nothing

No Flowers need be laid…

( Affection laced

with Judgement

Deepest  greed

meant to devour

weaved and painted

with conditions

gives the Puppet Masters power)

Only Love

that’s offered freely

from a pure unselfish heart

may conceive soulful connections

that Eternity can’t part……


Envy the Moon…

Oh Moon to be as Bright as you

So constant with your stare

In silent starlight rendezvous

Such beauty hanging there

I wonder as you watch us spin

What thoughts are in your mind

Throughout the ages that you’ve spied

Have you once envied mankind?



You looked at me

For a breath between tock and tick

And then were gone away again

To a cloud grown misty thick

And I so ached for more to be

Beyond bewildered eyes

My voice was lost..not ready yet

To utter a good-bye..

A stranger had crept in

To steal your thoughts away

Stripping dreams and memories

More and more each day

And though I had no sign

No signal did you give

I know deep down within my soul

Our love eternal … Lives ..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015