I believe the written word lives on..long after the Author has retired their pen.  It is my hope that maybe..just maybe my words will one day…touch a heart, soothe a soul, provoke a thought or inspire a spirit to sing their own song..and should my children ever have need to hear their Mothers voice…they will find me here…



Few, if any, make this journey through life unscathed.  There are mountains, valleys, rivers, and at times land mines to navigate…Certainly some bumps and bruises if not fractures are inevitable..the trick is in gaining wisdom along the way..Never broken . . . Rather cultivated revealing venerable beauty…..


All original artwork and writings done by M. Davila ( copyright © Murrsma ) and should be credited as such, with all due respect.  Thank you.




11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, beautiful poet. I have chosen you for today’s “victim” of the Five Photo, Five Stories Challenge, because you are a wonderful poet. I hope you don’t mind, and are up for the challenge, unless you’ve already taken part, don’t have time, or so on… I look forward to seeing what you wrote. Also, I hope you’re well, my friend XD Here’s the link with your nomination:


    • (Big smile here) Thank you my friend for such kind words.. I accept the “challenge” and will do my best…I hope you are well and still reaching for your dreams…

      • My email address is darknesswarmth@gmail . com, send me an email whenever you are ready for writing, or with a start or any ideas you have. I look forward to hearing from you.

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