Curriculum Vitae….

Will our History be written

by the hands of gentle men

or will the ruins left by wars

replace the ink in pens….?

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Spilled Ink…

Would a face turn

From this simple gift

Or tear the parchment

Of a poem penned?

Might feelings spilled

In one moment of vulnerability

And careless abandon

Encourage a deaf ear to hear?

Could some worth be seen

In an offering so small,

 Absent a jewels shine,

Holding solely this beating heart of mine?



Your parting words

” You’ve isn’t fair “

My silence watched you leave

Disappointment filled the air…

I’ve changed

That’s certainly true

The death of a lifelong love

Can do that to you..

I’ve changed

I’m not as strong

Grief lays heavy

Pain stole my song..

Yes, I’ve changed

Though in pieces now…I’m still me

It’s fair to say

You couldn’t see…..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015