To Endure…

Do Please…

Leave me … Ignorant

Where only twisted minds aptly discern

Deranged thinking …

Do Please…

Leave me … Defiant

Choosing never to linger in tangled black

Making sense of senselessness …

Do Please…

Leave me … Free

From charred hearts beating

With an unconscionable pulse of cruelty …

Do Please…

Leave me … Hopeful

Holding fast in faith the truth

That Loves Light

Can and Will

Endure the Darkest Night …

Copyright © Murrsma 2015



10 thoughts on “To Endure…

  1. I’m so deeply sorry about your animals. My heart breaks at such a vicious act of depravity and the grief of your loss. Your poetry is powerful. It speaks to me and leaves me wanting to return for more and return I shall!

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