Dandelion Wishes…

Seeds of dreams fell silently

Light phantoms drifting by

Withered stems were left as dust

My  hopes littered the sky….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


To Endure…

Do Please…

Leave me … Ignorant

Where only twisted minds aptly discern

Deranged thinking …

Do Please…

Leave me … Defiant

Choosing never to linger in tangled black

Making sense of senselessness …

Do Please…

Leave me … Free

From charred hearts beating

With an unconscionable pulse of cruelty …

Do Please…

Leave me … Hopeful

Holding fast in faith the truth

That Loves Light

Can and Will

Endure the Darkest Night …

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Hard Lessons….

Harsh is the teacher called regret

dismaying reluctant pupils..

Those students waiting for wonderful

yearning for more

ever more..

Wanting hearts

having little care for the living road

Life’s fragile treasures go overlooked

Left to perish as mourned for memories

Wanting hearts then break…

Filled with regret

Et Tu Brute…

Was it an illusion

Were your intentions clear

Had you made it known

Yet I refused to hear?

Fool I was to be surprised

At actions that you took

The glint of blade was shining bright

Did I refuse to look?

The consequence of truth

The point you sharply made

Has opened up my eyes

This lesson shall not fade…..

As Caesar said to Marcus

When came his final day

Betrayal has a price to pay

My friend…  “Et Tu Brute”…