She Stays,,,

Holding fast to the narrow view

A sturdy cage of mind

Without a bar

Coloring carefully

Within well placed lines

She draws comfort

From the box of her making

Too timid

To stretch any thinking

Contentment is fed by her desires

 Not to go beyond the closet

Of her knowing

And all the while

Fears are growing…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


6 thoughts on “She Stays,,,

  1. Sometimes I feel this kind of emotion… I am not afraid of the unknown… cause its non debatable that death is a certain event… but I am afraid of missing some important events of the lives of my loved ones and friends 🙂 nice poetry 🙂

  2. Very well-done. Change can be scary for so many of us, even if it’s good change it pushes us outside our comfort zones. Many moons ago I wrote a haiku about being colored outside the lines. I have yet to post it, but perhaps I will. I just love when synergy happens. 🙂

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