If We Only Could….

Rigid in their mindset

Convinced they’re always right

A shame whenever challenged

They turn it to a fight

Perhaps if minds were open

With a willingness to share

Perhaps the World might flourish

And we all could learn to care…


Sad Circus…

There was a time

You held my hand

And by my side

You’d always stand

But that was then

And this is now

All things for us

Have changed somehow

The jokes on me

A foolish clown

My rug was pulled

Clear upside-down

The sad unspoken mystery

Just how this came to be

When the Circus came to town

And turned me to a clown…


Rawly abiding…..

It bewildered the mind when at the start

sharp teeth found their way deep down into your heart

The bite was so fast it shocked and stunned

then, day after day…over time grew numb

You know full well all the while you are hiding…

the damage lives on rawly abiding

No where to draw comfort, no one will know…

when the death blow dealt doesn’t show

From outward appearance you seem quite well

For they all see you smiling…though it’s grief where you dwell…

Ghost Writer

How is it that you knew

Not merely what I think and feel

But all that I’ve been through …

Each word you wrote

On every line

Detailed deep dreams

And wounds of mine

With finite skill and ken

You wrote me with your pen …

How is it that you knew

A heart unseen by you….


Lost in Translation

It’s the dialogue that stays my hand

and blocks the easy flow

of thoughts and visions

living in my mind..

There is a gentleness

too often missed or lost

when trapped between quotes…

I think

the deepest swell of a heartbeats word

when uttered through two lips

can be misheard….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Humanities Measure…

Measuring tapes, rulers and scales

hold this world hostage

to a narrow minded view of significance, worth and value…

That which bears no mark

or stamp of popular approval

nor declaration of virtue

is ignored, overlooked or tossed away…

Easily won is Easily discarded

What we have and hold grows tiresome


Unless or until

it is gone

…forever lost…

Only then might we grieve

what indifference cost…

If indeed this is the nature of our beast

to quantify quality

…greatest and least…

What then of tolerance, love and hope

What of equality….


Mother Mourns

She had freely shared her bounty

And her grand rich majesty

Her mountains and her forests

Lakes, rivers and deepest seas

Entrusting to all humankind

The creatures she held dear

Believing they’d be tended well

And her gifts would be revered

Cement and dark pollution

In mans zest for ever more

Laid waste to countless treasures

Silencing the lions roar

She mourned at how her loved ones

Had been harmed unmercifully

And for having placed her faith in those

With no integrity ….