…patience ..



..and yes I wait

though fool it seems

my hope for us

lives in my dreams…



Of the many things I’ve ever given

That which I believe most dear

Came not in a box with a bow

But rather was time shared through the years…

Priceless this gift

For once it is gone

The memory alone

Is what will live on

In truth I can say

I will never forget

and time given freely

I shall never regret…

Deep Freeze….

Heart of glass

Encased in stone

No love is felt

No love is shown

Safely held

Within this cage

Frozen so cold

Withered with age

Fear of love

From pain you knew

Walls built up high

Dark shadows grew

Heart of glass

Encased in stone

No love is felt

Nor ever shown……

With You …

Forever won’t be long enough with you now here, so close, so near.  Long years waiting, wanting…my dreams at last have a face

Since you

Where once I hoped and prayed for time to hurry and race, I now wish all clocks would stop….you and I held in this space, ever together, frozen in place

in our souls embrace…..


Within Her Eyes…

Without she seemed so peaceful

Within her burdens hid

Ever kind with all she shared

As deep her worries slid

True-born the Gift to Nurture

All innocence…All worn

Always free with gentle hands

To lift the lost forlorn

Maternal in her nature

Strong as the mighty tree

She fought against injustices

With firm integrity

She never asked of others

Her instinct was to give

While in her heart deep grief was raw

And in blue eyes tears lived…