Death of Deception


The pure parts of me

That I willingly gave

Were used for a time

And then thrown in a grave..

Penciled in on thin paper

A breeze to erase

Left no visible sign

Save the smudge on my face..

Good deeds might be punished

This truth I have learned

The present once opened

Will get carelessly burned..

Then ashes to ashes

Dust blows all around

Illusions have died

Burried deep in the ground…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


7 thoughts on “Death of Deception

  1. I can relate dear friend… at some point i was struggling with my mind and how it works… absolutely amazing poetry!!! and thank you for the nomination!!! I do love to take it as a challenge… I will definitely participate… I will post it later… I just need to find a beautiful spot and bring my imaginations alive this time… 🙂 thank you once again!! ❤

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