You looked at me

For a breath between tock and tick

And then were gone away again

To a cloud grown misty thick

And I so ached for more to be

Beyond bewildered eyes

My voice was lost..not ready yet

To utter a good-bye..

A stranger had crept in

To steal your thoughts away

Stripping dreams and memories

More and more each day

And though I had no sign

No signal did you give

I know deep down within my soul

Our love eternal … Lives ..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


…Drought Defied…


Somehow desire grew in strength

Despite no fertile womb

Slivers of sunlight filtered through

An empty darkened room..

Unlikely buds had made their way

To grasp the arid ground

Two eyes were filled with sweet relief

And tears rained without sound…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Death of Deception


The pure parts of me

That I willingly gave

Were used for a time

And then thrown in a grave..

Penciled in on thin paper

A breeze to erase

Left no visible sign

Save the smudge on my face..

Good deeds might be punished

This truth I have learned

The present once opened

Will get carelessly burned..

Then ashes to ashes

Dust blows all around

Illusions have died

Burried deep in the ground…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

More Simply

Longing for fulfillment

I stumbled off the wire thin line

Beyond all definitions

then became this walk of mine..

Present in each moment

Seeing far past labels sewn

Hidden treasures of simplicity

Are the gifts my soul is shown…


Beauty Caged…


Proudly basking in the sun

Upon his man made throne

Dreaming of free open land

The place he once called Home

Foolish people stop to stare

Thinking he appears content

They fail to see nor can they hear

This Regal Cats lament…