The Comfort of Words…

I write as thoughts flow through to me

The good, the sweet, the sad

The pieces of old memories

Relationships I’ve had

They pour from somewhere deep within

Unbidden all and then

The urge will come to write them down

so I reach for my pen…

That others may relate to words

Of poems I have sown

Brings comfort to my hopeful heart

To find I’m not alone…



In Her Mind….

Safely ensconced

afraid of the gloom

shes hidden herself

away in her room

Dreaming of rainbows

green pastures that grow

all the worlds creatures

that she’ll never know

For darkness exists

things go bump in the night

the fear of it all

keeps her wrapped up in fright

But this is the real world

no fairy tale told

she gave up on life

letting fear take firm hold

No fine Prince will rescue

nor Fairy so kind

this battle she faces

is all in her mind…