Some Will See…

Tiny life

Innocent bud

Fragile seedling

Born in mud

Frail potential

Hopes to be

Strong one day

Growing free…

Some will choose

To look away

Won’t get involved..

Won’t want to stay..

But Some will reach out

With kindness and care

To rescue the flower

Alone….Clinging there…



4 thoughts on “Some Will See…

  1. Spending some time lingering amongst the tender branches of the tree of life you share here, I was struck by this lovely offering, and wanted to express my appreciation of the wisdom it contains.

    We need so desperately to see the beauty and to tread with loving care in the garden of life on Earth these days, and to encourage the hope for our children and all the children of the world to grow up strong and free. I love the rhythm and the rhyme you use to express these hopeful thoughts, and I admire many of the entries I enjoyed reading here today.

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for sharing your gifts with all of us…..John H.

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