Some Will See…

Tiny life

Innocent bud

Fragile seedling

Born in mud

Frail potential

Hopes to be

Strong one day

Growing free…

Some will choose

To look away

Won’t get involved..

Won’t want to stay..

But Some will reach out

With kindness and care

To rescue the flower

Alone….Clinging there…




I beckon you come

Do find me I pray

I leave a clear sign

For you everyday…

Though clouds and dark storms

May hold you at bay

Don’t give up…Keep searching

Do find me I pray…

Please open your heart

And knowing minds eye

Break through that cocoon

To Love Butterfly…


Not a crumb….

No breadcrumbs were left

A soul could follow

Bright sunlight would melt

Faint steps in the snow

Not a wave of a hand

Nor a smile looking back

No clear trail ever made

Not a note…Not a track

Into mist

Blue smoke

No words

No one spoke

These haunting dreams

Old worn memories send..

While the clock ticks on and on

To no end…


One in Every crowd…

Devils at play

you’ll meet them each day

Wide lecherous grins

luring hearts they might win..

Smiling lips say…”believe me”

With intentions deceiving..

And when sense and minds melt

then the pain will be felt…

For their self comes before

you or anyone more

See, their holes need be filled

with the loves they have killed…


A Crowded Wood…

Whose voice is it you listen to

Whose song is it you hear

And when you glean the words within

Who whispers in your ear

The thoughts you have..are they your own

And how you really feel

Or does the sway that others have

Bring your true voice to heel

It’s hard to be a single tree

In such a crowded wood

Hold firm your heart and innate worth

Stand proudly as you should..


Dearest Emily

Her greatest hearts desire

to comfort, soothe, inspire

those existing in great pain

lest her life be lived in vain

In hermitude she lived her days

while writing, hiding works away

To most it’s still unknown

if ever love was shown

To one who wrote so brilliantly

The Gifted Poet Emily…..


The Light will Shine…

One day I’ll sleep where Spirits sing

a gentle lullaby

One day I’ll rest where Angels dwell

and comfort does abide

One day I’ll know the answers

to all mysteries immense

One day I’ll walk in freedom

not one wall, no, not one fence

One day all creatures big and small

will peaceful round me lay

One day the Light of Love will shine

and welcome me

One Day…


Beyond Dreams


Beyond sweet dreams there is a place

that innocence can go

where faeries dance and dragons fly

and hopes can gently grow

Beyond sweet dreams and star’s embrace

moon magic in each breath

the Fae Folk dwell and secrets tell

to those whose hearts have depth

Beyond sweet dreams there is a land

that few will ever know

where tender ones are safely kept

and peace filled winds do blow

Copyright © Murrsma 2014

The uphill climb

I know the hard times teach us much

they build our character

Reminding of priorities

Enhancing who we were

There are however many times

I curl into a ball

to lick my wounds and heal my heart

in deep despair I fall…

Courage then comes and nudges me

I know I’ve fears to face

Then rising up to push on through

I chase fear from my space…

Like diamonds chipped away from stone

True Brilliance lives within

The up-hill climb I face each day

with strength one day I’ll win…