Fall and You

The air takes on a chill

 colors change and turn

from green to golds and reds

then fall to browns we burn…

Come Autumn of each year

I stop and think of you

the way your faces changed…

seems you were Autumn too….



Her Deepest Heart

She knew few had true empathy

much less could understand

She never asked for sympathy

nor for a helping hand

The weight she bore in this short life

she hid from others view

From bitter ones who caused her strife

she quietly withdrew

Somewhere within her deepest heart

there lived a ray of light

And though it seemed dreams fell apart

She held hope in her sight


a light touch…

Paint me with a gentle brush

if I should come to mind

Do please use the lightest touch

and if you can..be kind..

When drawing what you think you know

..thoughts from your memory..

remember dearest what you gleaned

was but one thread of me..


Worn Wings…

Tired hands grasp for purchase

On a thin unsteady ledge

She pivots with each gale winds blow

Clinging to the edge…

None witness her lone battle

They but see a bird on high

None comprehend she’s lost in grief

Unable now to fly…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Old Songs…bring me You…

Caught up short…one note alone

Of Nat King Coles pure soulful tone

In just one breath I see your face

I’m back in time..a sacred place

I hear your voice loud and clear

The warmth of you..as though you’re here

Once more I’m small up on your lap

A tinsel tree with presents wrapped

All worry’s gone…lost in the air

I’m safely tucked within your care

I love old songs of way back when

They  bring you home to me again…


If One Voice Can…

If one Voice can

bring a smile

or deeply touch a heart

consider this my try

to somehow do my part…

May every hand be held

All tears be kissed away

May every Soul know Hope

And Joy be in each day…

May Warmth surround you All

And tender care be shown

I Pray you all know Love

And Peace be in Each Home….