A Work in Progress…

I am an old soul

No title adorns the cover of my Book of Life

My manuscript remains a dog-eared work in progress

And I wonder…

Each time I am renewed will I recall…at all

Will remembrance of beauties past or hard earned victories linger


Will ignorance mute the voices of wisdoms residing within..

Maid, Mother and Crone waiting patiently

brimming with truths gleaned from chapters past

pages long ago written…and turned..

Until at last they stir

Tickling my sense

Waking dormant memories…

and once again..I remember


I Know…




I wonder…..

Will you, at last, converse with me

when I am gone?

When you alone supply our dialogue

what words will you give my non-existent voice…

the voice you fled from

the voice you rejected

the voice whose truth you feared…

Will you squabble with yourself

in attempts to assuage guilt

comfort conscience

and replenish illusions shame created?

When all hope for resolution is no more

will you be at peace

with having waited…..?


…Past Sleep…To Dreams..

Slipping through her fantasy

Well past the stars of sleep

Into the arms of Morpheus

Held safely in his keep…

Her being dwells in wonderland

No worries..not a care

The realm of possibilities

With her this great one shares..

Up in this flight of fancy

Imaginings abide

And visions all are in her grasp

While on this Magic ride…