Etching begins on a breath

Intention’s touch

 scribbles and carves

learning … understanding

The birthing of was .. is .. and will be

Awakening I am


This life’s




Night Sounds….

The clicks and the whirs

The crickets that buzz

As I lay in my bed

Those sweet night sounds I love

Past moments in time

When I was still small

To this dark serenade

Fast to sleep I would fall…

Deep Midnight embrace

Once more sing me your song

Please bring back memories

For those dreams I do long….


Remembering a Monster….

There was not an exception

to the rule of your thumb

And each strike of two fists

was well placed..every one

Courage came from a drink

Feeding rage with each swallow

Eyes would darken with hate

Warning what was to follow…..

As the villain within

took over and grew

Tender lives were destroyed

of loved ones around you…


( revisiting )

To Journey Home….




Beginning..just a crack

small fissure in the stone

a tear soon makes its way

one drop starts all alone…

The path then wider comes

more flow and follow through

edges polish smooth

and ease the way to blue…

The need to journey home

Souls answer to the call…

hearts pool beyond the wall

as water does the fall…


Before I Fall…

Of everything you ever said

My heart has taken note

I’ve retained everything you sent

Each word you ever wrote…

And though I’m not forgetful

Nor have flawed memory

I wish I somehow could erase

The past you left with me…

You can not hit do-over

You can not hit rewind

You can not change what happened

For the truth lives in my mind…

What’s done has been forgiven

Tho…I will remember all

Now intentions others have for me

I will glean before I fall…


In the quiet….

I heard you laugh today

behind lidded eyes

I saw the smile you owned

back when innocence was as yet unsullied

and a gentle thought lived

in each touch….

I heard you laugh today

a sound I love

and miss so much….