Heart’s ease….

I take with me

words unspoken

hopes and dreams

carried through the years

I leave behind the memories

and my love

I leave the tears…..



An Autumn Eve….

Silver slippered footsteps

Drop from the sky to glide on a breeze

Throughout a leafless forest they dance and weave

Till lips touch lips… searching arms entwine

And the night wraps about their secluded shrine

Evening sighs whisper a welcoming chill

The world melts in silence and all is still…


Open Ended….

Don’t speak to me of closure

we two never were a chapter

in someone’s poorly written book

….I’ll tie no wilted bow….

Remembrance differs

when hearts are involved

 truth placed on an unbalanced scale

and flawed illusions

attempt to rewind a broken clock….

Some mysteries are best left



A Fools Mirage….

I want to know you


lurking ever there

at the edge of my eye

Persistent in your visits

why specter then so shy….

I want to know you


what purpose might there be

for you to linger always near

in the shadows cast by me…..



There was no ease

to the tearing away of veils

long held by visions fair….

and eyes no longer blinded

spilled with bitterness

for the heartbeat shattered there….

The gifts of hope and trust

and more the faith in two

lay coldly in the rubble

of a choice one loved could make

and I left halved

stood clearly whole

despite the wreckage made

in a rogue waves careless wake…..


What will greet them?

Sacred Souls..

in wait to be born

potential true genius

roses free of thorns…

Sacred Souls..

future beings of life

untainted and pure

free of hatred and strife…

Sacred Souls..

with beauty within

what world will then greet them

when their lives begin…

Will Earth Mother be here

filled with treasures so rich

or will she be barren

her lands black as pitch…

Will this world pulse with wildlife

love and kindness in sight

or will she be hardened

and empty of light?…


Up in smoke…..

I took albums of way back when

and set them all to flame

The who I was of yesterday

is gone, I’m not the same

What I believed

the dreams once held

with smoke lifted to air

Old hurts, failures, never agains

I left in ashes there…..