If Tomorrow Never Comes…

If tomorrow never comes

And my time should cease to be

I will leave with no regrets

For this life’s been good to me

If tomorrow never comes

And beyond the veil I wake

My love shall stay here with you

For our bond will never break

If tomorrow never comes

I’ll be watching now and then

Till tomorrow ends once more

And you’re in my arms again…

Copyright © Murrsma 2014


You Stayed…

How can I thank

or ever repay

the time that you shared

your choosing to stay..

Seeing the need

without being told

offering me

your warm hand to hold..

You asked me for nothing

and gave me your all

it mattered to you

that I never fall..

How can I thank

or ever repay

Your kindness and love

the fact that you stayed…..


Burning Candles,,

Burned my candle at both ends…time after time..again and again..

Burned a bridge a time or two…through thoughtless traps I fell into..

Burned my fingers and my hand…walked through fire and quicksand..

Burned through time I’m sad to say…had far too many wasted days..

Burned some rubber on my road…so tired now my pace has slowed..

Burning hot..and uncontrolled..leaves ashes spread..and candles cold..


Once Upon a Heart…

Once you were a shining gem

A treasured light of gold

Once you were a precious jewel

A gift and mine to hold…

Once you were so pure and fair

A tender fragile pearl

Once you were so small and dear

My own sweet baby girl…

Once upon so long ago

You flourished in the nest

Once upon this Mothers dream

I tried to do my best…

Once was short it passed so fast

In love and hope you grew

Once in time some strong winds blew

And with those winds you flew…

Once upon this Mothers heart

I held a shining star

Once and still forevermore

My love lives where you are…


You might…

I wonder often..

Who knows why

If you will look up

When I die?

Will you notice..

Will you care

When I’m gone

My space left bare?

I must admit..

I like to think

That when I part

You might just…. blink

Weak and foolish..

Sad..I know..

To hope you look up

When I go…


My Arms Held You…

I held firm in the knowledge

In spite of this disease

Of your enduring value

So deeply known to me

Confused and oft bewildered

As into mist you slipped

Each day your thoughts grew dimmer

I felt so ill-equipped

This unrelenting stranger

Took more of you each day

No matter how I anguished

No matter how I’d pray

I’m thankful you were with me

And never left alone

I’m thankful my arms held you

When Spirit took you home…


Candles Will Burn…

Slick forks of madness

With claws dripping hate

Lurk in dark shadows

And viciously wait

With careless abandon

They seek to destroy

Spitting and plotting

Cruel plans to employ

But candles will burn

That won’t be dismayed

Growing and Glowing

Love lighting their way…


I Hear…..


Your call

pulling me back

over and over

time and again…..

My Soul in want of comfort

finds her way to you

Ever searching the enormity of all you are

for that which only you provide

…A glimpse of eternal peace

living there within your constant lullaby

and in the echoes

of a lone gull’s cry …


Initial Strokes…


A small fiber in life’s fabric

One tiny silken thread

Begins the patterned tapestry

That over time is spread

A fragile strings beginning

Fine loops of tender lace

At mercy of the spinners hand

And to the template’s trace

Temperate or oppressive

Rigid, kind or light

Will dictate stitching’s textures

And the final pieces sight…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

(re-visiting 2016)