Time always wins

Fighting time

is wasting it..

impossible to win

The need for more or less of it

will vary on a whim..

Plenty soon becomes too much

then later not enough

All you need

till things get rough

Time turns

and burns

right up


re-visiting 2016



I should have used the China

The fine crystal

glasses collecting dust

on display

The don’t touch

antiques.. useless

kept safely put away

from little hands….

I should have used the China

when those heartbeats

with hands so small

were here with me..

..my babies ..

The most precious company of all



I choose

not to fit in..

No puzzle piece

searching for her place

to fill the whole..

To become lost in sameness

is to cease living..

I choose more

than existing….

Unique to me

I choose life





I see it all…

I see the times

when joy abounds

I hear the clear

and happy sounds

And oh the thrills

that love can bring

The days when hearts

and souls all sing

Then woe the hours

when pain is felt

When heartache comes

or harm is dealt

I see the waste

I see the strife

I see it all…

My name is Life


re-visiting 2016

Beyond the Blue…

Moving past the Blue

as gulls that seek to fly

Rising from the rocks

And aiming for the sky

Resisting calls to wallow

Cutting ropes that held you bound

Quieting the madness

That Peace may now be found

Lifting through the gray clouds

Leaving all dark storms behind

Reaching to the Sun’s warm Light

For Hope again to find…


( re-visiting 2016)


I don’t have it anymore

No,  it’s not misplaced

not lost…

I shared and gave it all

along the way

with no regrets…

understand when I say…

I’m tired today


Common Threads…

Hope and Love

Fear and Pain

Throughout the world

We’re all the same

Regardless of our

Form or Face

our Gender..Species..

Size or Race..

No Barrier…No Curtained Wall

For Hearts that Beat

Have Felt Them All….


(re-visiting 2016)