The Phantom left the Opera

Gladly leaving a stale stage

Ending a worn chapter

Turning a new page

The Phantom left the Opera

A new venue he’d find

He quickly took up playing

In the corners of my mind

The Phantom of the Opera

He’s no kind and gentle friend

For chords and keys of yesterday

He replays to no end

The Phantom of the Opera

No longer stands alone

He’s  joined the host of Phantom’s who

All make my head their home…




Unseen Amongst Us….

No one saw her

the quick easy smile

the hand given to lift

the time shared … the extra mile

the wants and needs

of a hurting mind

soft place to fall

comfort to find

days and months

year after year

kindness there

an ear to hear

yet no one saw her

no one tried

no one saw her

till she died…..


Listen Child…..

Safe Harbor called

Not the figment of peaceful mortal comfort she placed upon shoulders that sink….or left moored in a stagnant pond by a rusted anchor, it’s chain missing a link…

Safe Harbor

The souls intangible desire she envisioned everywhere.. beckoned to her lost reflection…

” in the mirror, child….

look there

look there…”


A wakening…

Her wind blew fierce

scattering illusions and misconceptions

torn away they flew

in all directions…

Held still for a breath

in this storms silent eye

came the gift of a cleansing

from a gales midnight sky…




How long she’s been gone

I just can not say

Its been quite a while

Much more than a day

Left with no notice

I never did see

She faded away

The girl who was me

The one that was named

The day of my birth

Lost her sure footing

Forgot all her worth

I’ve made it my goal

To be reconciled

For the search that I’m on

Is for my Mothers child…

 (Re-visiting..the search continues)