Say It While You Can…


One night her touch drifted away 

and left me here alone 

The touch that I still long for 

Lies ‘neath the sleeping stone…

Life travels with a fleeting foot

Few truly comprehend

We never know when day is done

Nor count on life to end..

Do speak the truths you ache to

No matter if they’re heard

Don’t let a lost tomorrow

Bring regret from withheld words..

For like a thought loves slip away

To leave us all alone

And then the things we failed to say

Are to a sleeping stone…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

( Re-visiting 2016 )


5 thoughts on “Say It While You Can…

  1. Beautiful.

    Initially I just read the first three lines, and that is almost a complete poem on its own.

    Wise and profound words.

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