Sweet Release…..


Left it there

all gifts bestowed

won’t worry now..don’t need to know..


one or two


hit the mark..

One a flame

Two a spark…

Left it there

 day is done

freedom is mine

my Peace is won….



Feeling Words….

When words written

from a tattered core

speak to strangers…

We are no longer alone

Life’s heartbeat is shared

and so much more…


Threadbare Fragments

No broken doll
was she…

She who drifted in
reflective whimsy
while fragments of her visage
slipped to dance
beyond erudite hues,

into and through
sibylline shadows,

for through the
damaged cracks and
burned cauldrons
she wore a
sandalwood heart
which tore at its own
threaded disaster –

her love long since
casted offshore
and sprawled out
in the death
of the night…

yet farther still
into seeming obscurity,
and undetectable particulate
the fullness of her essence
and kindly caressed
the mouthes,
and ears
of those  whose wayward souls
hungered  and yearned
in want and need
for one love
ever eternal

©Murrsma and Christopher Rupley2016

( a collaboration with a dear friend

and one of my favorite wordsmiths )

Say It While You Can…


One night her touch drifted away 

and left me here alone 

The touch that I still long for 

Lies ‘neath the sleeping stone…

Life travels with a fleeting foot

Few truly comprehend

We never know when day is done

Nor count on life to end..

Do speak the truths you ache to

No matter if they’re heard

Don’t let a lost tomorrow

Bring regret from withheld words..

For like a thought loves slip away

To leave us all alone

And then the things we failed to say

Are to a sleeping stone…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

( Re-visiting 2016 )

Speak now or forever…..

What becomes of grievous cries,

lamentations held close to the chest,

in silence kept beneath a coat of denial ?

What becomes of shadowed pain,

pieces lost of you,

peace lost to you ?

What becomes of a choice,

when the chance for choice is gone ?

What becomes of illusions that shatter

when words not voiced

no longer matter ?