Laid Bare…

Overlong those years of pruning

Oh thoughtless gardener

Your heavy hands cut away

The best of me

Forsaking care

Leaving behind this thorny tree

Barely there….



Always With You….

I saw you today

Through butterfly eyes

I touched you softly

With a breeze

I spoke to you in birdsong

And in whispers through the trees

I fed the sun that warms you

Held the moon that lights your way

Sent my love to you in star light

With a butterfly kiss today….


Simple Joys…

Fallible are we

Of flesh and blood and bone

Impermanent is life

Unlike things made of stone

Desire fuels the goal

And want for more each day

While moments ebb and flow

With time and slip away…

So many fight the clock

Believing they can win

And simple joys in life

Have no chance to begin…


(re-visiting a thought today)