Holding Forever…

No hand can hold a moment

Only the heart has the power and ability

To carry for forever

Each and every memory…



Just listen..

Walk softly love

Tread lightly please

There’s pain-filled hearts nearby

Just listen close

You’ll hear it clear

Their lonely moaning cry…

Wrap gentle wings

With warmth embrace

Hold weak ones to your chest

Soothe shredded souls

Sharing your strength

Give them tender peaceful rest…


 ( re-post 2016 )


Will yesterday’s take my today,

as sepia stained thoughts mute

the sun and it’s warmth…

Until tomorrow

when this lost day takes life to become

another one I’ll not forget

having chosen to stack it with all the others

I’ve labeled regret….?


Handwriting ….

I write tunes and poetry

Collected thoughts dwelling in my head

Music and notes that time has etched

From the feelings I have bled

What I scribble

What others see

Are parts and pieces

Of my past … And me


Tongue Tied

A few hung in the air


One or two drifted off


The perfect ones clouded all thought

Others I grabbed would not be caught

Silence grew as is its way

Stealing the words I didn’t say….


Treasured New Orleans


Drifting down the narrow

and aged slate of time

awed to think that ancient feet

once stepped here as do mine..

Walking in the murky rain

that mists these timeworn streets

I wonder if a spirit dwells

that I might chance to meet..

This city steeped in history

where old souls still convene

remains entrenched in yesteryear

The treasured

New Orleans…


Re-posting …. (Just because I love NOLA)