To My Knees…


It’s not the cloying

thoughts of yesterday’s

now gone..

Not the dreams

of memories past

my aching shakes loose..

Nor those what were then’s and when’s

that bring me to my knees…


..It is all the never agains

that ever can

… un-do me …


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Spilled Ink…

Would a face turn

From this simple gift

Or tear the parchment

Of a poem penned?

Might feelings spilled

In one moment of vulnerability

And careless abandon

Encourage a deaf ear to hear?

Could some worth be seen

In an offering so small,

 Absent a jewels shine,

Holding solely this beating heart of mine?


Frosted Tribulations ( With Phen Weston)

Platitudes came disguised,

Wrapped neatly up

In glittered trappings,

A not so subtle attempt

At repurposing stale fare.

It came with the season,

Regressed to a state of fruition,

In trappings blackened

In the harsh blast of winter,

Lovers of frozen care.

Fear wore a cloak of pride,

Frosted panes of doubt,

Concealing jagged cracks and scars.

Trophies left behind

By lies cold bite.

Was there ever a reason

As frigid as this?

Distinguished humiliation trained

Behind those soft eyes,

Locked in undetermined words.

Desire had fed the embers

Of unwarranted expectations,

Only to be doused by disappointment,

And the once warm pulse of want

Was stilled in icy veins.


This piece was a collaboration with the talented wordsmith

Phen Weston

As ever, writing with him is a joy and honor


He nudged her hibernating hopes

And kindled the fire

In a sleeping sun

He gently roused the starving bear

Offering freely the full portion

Of his own raw vulnerabilities

Holding up to thirsty lips

A full cup of life’s possibilities

And won her heart forever….



Your parting words

” You’ve isn’t fair “

My silence watched you leave

Disappointment filled the air…

I’ve changed

That’s certainly true

The death of a lifelong love

Can do that to you..

I’ve changed

I’m not as strong

Grief lays heavy

Pain stole my song..

Yes, I’ve changed

But I’m still me

It’s fair to say

You couldn’t see…..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Sorry…Not Sorry…

You made a valiant attempt

… Pushing past fear …

Though weighted with contempt

Convinced of an upright position

.. So thoroughly  ..

You failed to quell the itching need

Of slipping pointed daggers

With succinct  skill



Copyright © Murrsma 2015