Far Sighted…

Over my shoulder

Past unseasoned eyes

Visions were dreams

Till innocence died

Into the mists

Peer time worn eyes

Sifting through memories

For truths and lies….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Misty Mind….

Her memories were fluid

Dripping, slipping grains of yesterday’s

Erratic swells of thought and reason

Ebbed and flowed like the change in season

Unchecked without a warning

Placid skies turn to frantic storming

Each day for her was a walk through dreams

To those who watched

She was torn at the seams…..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Hopeful Inquiry….

Where is the you

I once upon a time knew

The voice I welcomed

The voice I understood

The voice tinged with kindness

….colored by love…?

Imagination and hope

would have me believe…

You’re still there..



Copyright © Murrsma 2015