Single Handed….

A labyrinth of tunnels

No guideposts were to come

No time to venture left or right

Straight towards the light

Now Run…

I stumbled, tripped

and sometimes fell

To give you Heaven

I’d walk through Hell..

This wasn’t some adventure

Never cared about the view

The end had one direction

A better life for you..

I wouldn’t stop

I couldn’t rest

To you, my children

I gave my best…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


Far Sighted…

Over my shoulder

Past unseasoned eyes

Visions were dreams

Till innocence died

Into the mists

Peer time worn eyes

Sifting through memories

For truths and lies….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Misty Mind….

Her memories were fluid

Dripping, slipping grains of yesterday’s

Erratic swells of thought and reason

Ebbed and flowed like the change in season

Unchecked without a warning

Placid skies turn to frantic storming

Each day for her was a walk through dreams

To those who watched

She was torn at the seams…..

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Hopeful Inquiry….

Where is the you

I once upon a time knew

The voice I welcomed

The voice I understood

The voice tinged with kindness

….colored by love…?

Imagination and hope

would have me believe…

You’re still there..



Copyright © Murrsma 2015