For Our Wounded World





Always with you…

The ground may tremble ‘neath your feet

as winds pull roots from trees

The clouds may crack with fiery forks

and skies cry tears that freeze

That’s when you need to hold on tight

Though stormy…..Have no fear…

Dig deep within the heart of you

And know I’m always near…

( Re-post)

Copyright © Murrsma 2014

Cracked Cup….

Perhaps some crime

From a past lived life

Is why today I pay

For two who held my heartstrings

Simply turned and walked away..

There are some things one faces

That no other can comprehend

For how could other’s ever..

When even you don’t

In the end…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Eternal Light…

The tender flame we’re born with

Trust, purity and love

Becomes a silent passenger

Through life’s push pull and shove

Oft lost or left forgotten

Over years in which we grow

The innocence once held so dear

We’ve somehow ceased to know

But somewhere deep within us all

Past walls and well built bars

There dwells a core of softest light

Still there beneath our scars…

I Remember….

I remember Howdy Doody

And Captain Kangaroo

I remember Beaver Cleaver

The cartoon Mr. Magoo

Sometimes I like to think of them

And how things used to be

I’m thankful for the joys I’ve known

And those precious memories…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Reticent Intent…


Would that my hand

Might trail down your face

As does the rain

In a light gentle trace..

Would that my voice

In soft whispers clear

Brush by as a breeze

To tickle your ear..

Would that the thoughts

And dreams I warm hold

Make themselves known

Would that I were bold..

Would that this heart

That aches in my chest

Make known all it feels

Would that it might rest…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015