Requiem For One Lost….


No cracking of light

Nor quake of thunder

Embraced by the night

One was drawn under

Matted wings sought to fly

Too sadly worn

Aching need for the sky

A heart forlorn

No kindness was dealt

To a broken bird

No warmth ever felt

From a tender word

Eyes no longer could see

And no ear could hear

Hope had long ceased to be

Lost within each tear

No respite was there

Nor ease to be known

No spark left to care

For an answer shown

A bird seeking relief

For the pain to stop

Darkness stole all belief

Draining every drop

No glimmer was left

No song could be heard

Broken and bereft

Was this lonely bird

A gentle life lost

Though so few would know

Far too high the cost

When those dark clouds blow ….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


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