Aberrant Inquest

This piece was a collaboration between Phen Weston and myself…a wonderful poetic dance experience..

"You must suffer me to go my own dark way"

By Murrsma and Phen Weston

Lose capacity to brittle verse,
Wrapped inverse to longer epochs.
We strive adverse for a grander grasp,
Rambling thoughts amid dusk’s grip.
Sling shot lover fills their days
With crumbling ideology and cause,
Waiting with obverse obsession
For more than lithe kingdoms
To traverse in passions sight.

Inauspicious timing of minds complexity
Feelings tangled in their subversive aim
All for wantings revised
We wade in need of purpose
Fractured reflections of Eons imagined
A tidy melange of possibilities sought
Kindle our aspirations keen hunger

And were the romantics far from favour?
To trek along the tracks of transformation,
Between the capricious shadows held
With ancient deities and golden calf.
I reached you in yearning and division,
Six feet underground I baptised your name.
Emerging from the mire to your learning,
Received in tenderness and underscore.

A willing Levi I lay expectant
High upon your inconsistent…

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