Thoughtless Greed…In Honor of Cecil..


Seeking a trophy

To tout his great skill

He hired some henchmen

His goal was to kill

A Regal old lion

Beloved by all

Was lured from his safety

Baited to his fall

Now this Bloated Destroyer

Who thought himself grand

Is seen as a monster

By hearts all through the land…


Leave Me….

Do Please…

Leave me … Ignorant

Where only twisted minds aptly discern

Deranged thinking …

Do Please…

Leave me … Defiant

Choosing never to linger in tangled black

Making sense of senselessness …

Do Please…

Leave me … Free

From charred hearts beating

With an unconscionable pulse of cruelty …

Do Please…

Leave me … Hopeful

Holding fast in faith the truth

That Loves Light

Can and Will

Endure the Darkest Night …

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


The other night someone trespassed onto our property and killed Two of our young animals.  I will never understand the working of such sick and vicious minds….I pray I never do..


Dauntless Day-Fly….

He called himself a day-fly

Unnoticed moving place to place

The world around him spinning

No one looked at his sweet face

At three he was forgotten

No…not lost…was simply left

No empty mother’s heart

To miss his head upon her chest

He called himself a day-fly

Till each night the stars would bring

A light within his Spirit

And this Angel Child would sing…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


written for Choi, Sung-bong

( Korea’s Got Talent)

Mourning Sunrise…


Morning’s sunrise would find a melting trail of footsteps in the wet sandy shore

In answer to the horizon’s call she would journey to the jetty cliffs once more

Hours became days then months turned to years…since the Suns early dawn on her first visit here

He had held her so close in his parting embrace….and she’d refused to cry when he last kissed her face

Long after the white of his sails disappeared…she had gazed at the sky and the blue she so feared

She always wore white to defy the towns talk….for her daily excursion they called her Widows Walk…


( a re-worked piece)