Thoughtless Greed…In Honor of Cecil..


Seeking a trophy

To tout his great skill

He hired some henchmen

His goal was to kill

A Regal old lion

Beloved by all

Was lured from his safety

Baited to his fall

Now this Bloated Destroyer

Who thought himself grand

Is seen as a monster

By hearts all through the land…


Mortal Query….

Can a heart still love

Does a heart still care

When it no longer beats

When it’s no longer there…?

Surrounded by pictures

Cold memories I hold

Too helpless to stop

Life as it unfolds..

Can a heart still love

Does a heart still care

When it no longer beats

When it’s no longer there…?

Is there someway you hear

When in silence I scream

Do you feel my warm touch

Through the mists of my dream..

Can a heart still love

Does a heart still care

When it no longer beats

When it’s no longer there….?

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Echoes In Print….

Alone with yellowed pages

Remnants left behind

I try to piece the story there

I try to read your mind..

Brittle now and time worn

Words blur in ancient ink

I puzzle through what made you tick

As back in time I sink..

Your voice so carefully written

Though meant for different ears

Has echoed through the ages

Well past your living years…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Leave Me….

Do Please…

Leave me … Ignorant

Where only twisted minds aptly discern

Deranged thinking …

Do Please…

Leave me … Defiant

Choosing never to linger in tangled black

Making sense of senselessness …

Do Please…

Leave me … Free

From charred hearts beating

With an unconscionable pulse of cruelty …

Do Please…

Leave me … Hopeful

Holding fast in faith the truth

That Loves Light

Can and Will

Endure the Darkest Night …

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


The other night someone trespassed onto our property and killed Two of our young animals.  I will never understand the working of such sick and vicious minds….I pray I never do..


She Stays,,,

Holding fast to the narrow view

A sturdy cage of mind

Without a bar

Coloring carefully

Within well placed lines

She draws comfort

From the box of her making

Too timid

To stretch any thinking

Contentment is fed by her desires

 Not to go beyond the closet

Of her knowing

And all the while

Fear is growing…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

Hitting A Wall….


The brick road wasn’t yellow

The tunnel had no light

Running through a meadow

Stringfree off flew the kite

The rule book had no paper

The map had not one line

The minute hand was missing

The clock ran out of time

Iridescent bubbles

Popped without a care

Fleeting possibilities

Like smoke…went up in air…

Cooyright © Murrsma 2015



My dreams will not die

Though they slip beyond sight

Foundations collapsed

While I tried to hold tight

Visions and thoughts

I was so certain of

Deserted my hands

As so often does love

But my dreams will not die

Although distant they be

Ever will they have life

In the Spirit of me…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015