No Repartee…

Should the question come

The answer would find me mute

For long have I teetered on the fragile cob-web I traverse..

Faces around smile or nod in their passing

All the while blind to the visions

I can see..

Living on the fringe

Between this and that


There dwells no explanation

And for certain none that I would give..

The churning of an abstract mind

Is purely how some were born

To live…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015


The Secret Truth…

Romance grew easy with us

A natural gliding sway

Drawn together from the start

We danced rapports ballet

Closely tied no thing concealed

Our private dreams in time revealed

Face to Face moving slow

And heartfelt hopes we came to know…

Or so I thought..

Or so it seemed..

But one was true

The other schemed…

The love we had

Was not to be

Truth was a secret

You kept from me…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

A Poem Birthed in My Dream…

In the deep of sleep this poem came to me

I do not speak nor write ever in any language other than English

This, however, spoke to me in my dream..

I pray I do it justice…



” Coeur Flétrissement “

Je ne comprends pas

Le flétrissment de votre coeur

Où est-il allé de mal

Et pourquoi ma petite fleur

Rêves ont été emportés

À arcs-en- ciel

Mais … Rêves ne meurent jamais

Avec amour qu’ils respecteront….


” Wilting Heart “

I don’t understand

The wilting of your heart

Where did it go wrong

And why my little flower

Dreams were swept away

To rainbows in the sky

But … Dreams will never die

With love they will abide….

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

One Note Adrift…

Have there been no sighs

not one

for we..

No lament or good-bye

for what use-to-be..

Was the loss of our song

such a simple thing

when the Orchestra stopped

would no voice care to sing..

Had the score of our music

changed harmony

destroying the theme

of this sad rhapsody..

The rhythm of two

had skipped out of tune

ending our symphony

much too soon..

Now one broken heart beats

ripped and torn from this rift

and time pulses along

with one note left adrift…

Copyright © Murrsma 2015

My Muse…

imageIn Thanks and Honor to my muse…my grandmother who passed away long before my birth…of her many published poems this has always been my favorite… Published in 1932 when Lindbergh’s baby boy first went missing….

 Prayer for Lost Baby

Dear White Savior when it’s night

And winter’s stars blink coldly bright

And in the day while he’s away

Guard Lindy’s little one we pray

On those who stole him as he slept

Let thy strong fingers firm be kept

That Thou might halt them ere they make

A baby suffer for money’s sake

White Spirit of Jesus with thy might

Loan those that search all seeing sight

So Lindy Junior soon may be

Home in his own little nursery

Shepherd of Children let thy light

Shine down on the lost little one tonight….

To All: Your Works Matter…to me

Come the rise of sun

With coffee in hand

Faithful in it’s purpose

To stir a groggy mind..

You are there

To greet me..As a friend

Somehow intimate in the knowledge

Of my heart and soul..

You speak to me

In rhythm and verse

Sharing images

Of all I’ll never touch or know

Gifting me..

With your eye for beauty

Your perceptions of thoughts

I might never have seen

My treasured companions

Breathing life through a screen….