A sad observation…

…and she drove

back and forth

round and round

in her yard

dangers of the world

held this girl quite barred

her mothers fears

would keep her near

no hope to fly she ceased to try

and wondered why

she’d been born to die…


17 thoughts on “A sad observation…

  1. This must have been inspired by a true observation. I feel there is more of a story behind this one? One I’d like to hear one day.

      • I hope this girl continues to try,but at the same time realizes what a gift it is to have a mother. Some aren’t so fortunate,to have a mother to worry for them. This world is a cruel place,we need someone to look out for us. Even when at times it looks like a completely different situation than it truly is.
        Keep inspiring us with your writings. I’ve enjoyed them 😉

  2. I just stumbled on this sight through word of mouth of a friend. I agree with Anonymous. What sight must this young girl present to those looking in? I wonder if she will be in your writings in the futer?

    • The sight is heartbreaking…like watching a caged bird whose wings have been clipped…..and yet the bird is content unaware of the skies she will never see….

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