Lifelong Love…


A trial and a pleasure

All rolled into one

Raising your child

Until they are “done”

Do take a deep breath

And add steel to your spine

The difficult journey

When they’re no longer “mine”

You’ll pray when they fly

That their wings will be strong

And your love and your prayers

Will be with them Lifelong….


Alone Yet Again

Re-blogging… Finding myself here…once again…

Old age slowly found me, I’m frail now and lined, fewer years loom before me than those left behind….Sitting here and quite peaceful I think of past time, ruminating old memories once clear in my mind….I recall your deep voice and the feel of your skin, the curve of your jaw and the square of your chin….Then like vapors that fade, caught up in the wind….Illusive they leave me alone, once again

A sad observation…

…and she drove

back and forth

round and round

in her yard

dangers of the world

held this girl quite barred

her mothers fears

would keep her near

no hope to fly she ceased to try

and wondered why

she’d been born to die…

Hope Lives Still…

In the sweet Vanilla Fudge of youth

And forgotten Three Dog Nights

Songs that played all rocked and rolled

For a Generation growing old..

Flowers danced with flowing hair

They sang of Peace and Love to share..

That was a time

When Hope had we

That All might know


Though tunes have changed

Through time star-crossed

Our need for Peace

Has not been lost…

Arts Heart…

She held no book of rules

as she painted her vision and dreams..

There was no rhyme nor rhythm

while he dripped his pain in ink..

Through freedom of expression

Artistic genius thinks…