did you run to escape the good-byes

you were certain would come?



In this climate of change

always something new

more or less to do..

Through every season

people in and out

certainty and doubt

You are ever

my constant..

Such Lovely Creatures

A re-worked previously published piece…

 Words are such lovely creatures

as they slip through the mind

painting thoughtful dreams and visions

with their rhythm and rhyme

Lending plot and verse to fiction

Breathing life within each line

They can stir a hearts emotion

and will live throughout all time…

Treasured Weights…

It doesn’t make life easy

to have a heart that swells

empathy for others grief

compassion in me dwells..

The weights and struggles carried

I often lift and share

My hand will never hesitate

my nature is to care..

I haven’t lived a numb life

far better and ideal

the Gift of breathing in this world

is Rich because I Feel….

Her Stand…

She took her knife

Straight down to the river

Sharpened blade held light in her Quiver

The points she made

Aimed right for the belly of the beast

The flood of lies that streamed

And sliced till they had ceased…

Your Poor Penmanship…

Do tell

Did you mean for me

to hold your wings aloft…in flight

That you alone may reach

the glory of heights…

Was this to be my purpose then..

Do tell

Were your hopes exclusive

Rigid images drawn

Bold strict lines stenciled by selfish hands


Leaving no room for wants

Far less for needs of another..

Do tell

Was this the role you penned

For your mother…?