…Night Lights…


She emanates a soft glow

above ….

Oh … The Magic instilled

when a moonlit night is filled…


Woe – Be – Gone

Tentacles entice

Slipping through to stay

Melancholy binds

To Seize The Day

Comforting disconnect

False warmth belies

Luring the Lonely

To hopeless cries

This coat weaved by woe

Swallows all sight

Confusing the senses

Deadening Light…

Kindred Souls…

Spirit Speaks

Clear and True

Between our open souls

Light glowing brush

of essence touch

Uniting kindreds whole

No utterance of voice .. No words

No need for hearing sounds

When Spirit Speaks

The wisdom sent

Is knowing and profound…

Such Lovely Creatures

A re-worked previously published piece…

 Words are such lovely creatures

as they slip through the mind

painting thoughtful dreams and visions

with their rhythm and rhyme

Lending plot and verse to fiction

Breathing life within each line

They can stir a hearts emotion

and will live throughout all time…

His Dance…

I greatly envy Father Time

always moving he..

Onward spin his hands in turn

throughout eternity..

He suffers from no memory lane

nor to a backwards glance

Facing forward .. Not the past

propels the Magic of his dance..

Mute Refute…

The rigid press

of sharpened stones

may very well

crush porous bones..

Frigid words

that claw and tear

can leave a heart

cold .. raw.. and bare..

No cry shall leave

two lips grown mute

why dignify

harsh ill repute…

My Unsuitable Self..

I don’t fit in

The Costume Ball

Of fashion favorites

Worn by all

Critics dictate


And urge the sheep

To all conform

I choose to stray

From shepherds stares

My mood decides

The clothes I wear…

Chasing Shadows…

I grow weary

wasting time with foolish fretting

contemplating shadows

cast by one..care free

Wise would be forgetting silhouetted secrets

that taunt..and twist..leaving me

 to grope in the dark

grasping at a form…that fades..

in mist..