Can You See?

This was written to my sister, I am re-publishing as the day of her passing approaches…

Dear one can you see me

Do you know where I am

Remember our promise

And the dreams that we planned

Look closely, I’m here love

 Come and be with me now

Then we’ll walk on together

Keeping true to our vow

It’s all we once longed for

See the sights, hear the sounds

The places and people

In our treasured small town

I came here for us dear

And believe in my heart

You truly are with me

Tho we’ve long been apart

One day I will see you

And together we’ll be

Till then I’ll keep smiling

For your spirits with me


4 thoughts on “Can You See?

  1. I had to re-read this. It bought a lump to my throat made hairs stand on ends. I debated reading it again but I needed to. Its been six months since I lost my sister. The pain is still quite raw. Lovely comforting poem…:/

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