Helpless baby…


This little one was found dumped in garbage and rescued by my son..she and her surviving sibling are now in my care and thankfully thriving. According to our Vet they are under two weeks old.

Spared from hateful cruelty

a new life sweetly came to me

little one…so innocent

helpless baby…Heaven Sent..


Lost Chances…

Loud and Mournful

echoes the cry

of chances left

with no goodbye

All the truths

choice failed to say

will flood sore hearts

that fateful day…

This song is played out


of unsung songs



Who would think

to measure pain

perceiving what hurts more…?

Losses felt

of varied shapes

that shred and render sores…

No yardstick length

No ruler can

define a wound so deep…

And who can know

by sight alone

the tears within that seep…?

Ever Peaceful…

A strangers come to visit me

though I don’t see a face

A foe has crept in silently

and nestled deep in place

I know he hopes to frighten me

and render me quite ill

I know he hopes to steal my joy

and hopelessness instill

Although he is not welcome here

still quietly he dwells

Yet I refuse to heed his call

or buy the fear he sells…

Disease or Age … Pain or Death

may take my flesh one day

But ever will my Soul shine through

In Spirits Light I’ll stay…

My Crime…

Who dares to be so bold

with malice meant

to carelessly prod a bruise

or peel a scab and draw fresh blood

‘lest healing be resumed..

and who would prick

pained memories

to mar a stricken heart..

who could inflict dark reckonings

and crush my broken parts…

Alas..there lurks no stranger here

committing this harsh crime

the suspect is the victim


in truth the guilt is mine..

Sharing a Creative Cup…

Can it be

That though eye to eye..

breath to breath..

we have never met..

Mind to Mind

Coherent thoughts are shared

and paired..

Lending beauty

Stirring creative impulse

Walking in the same dream

Waking to it’s Genesis…

Drinking sweet sips of a shared

creative cup…

Made For Eachother…

He blundered through life…day after day

Breaking some hearts along his way..

Wanting for better..The Greatest..The Prize

Casting dark shadows…Aiming for skies

With no care for others..His mind firmly set

No one would dare stop him..Or in his way get…

She really was grand..Or so she believed

Wanting the riches of life she perceived..

Playing a role..Damsel in distress

Behaving quite needy..” Save me” she did press…

The loves of their lives..That ever were true

Were cast to the side..Like a worn out old shoe…

Their acts paved the way

and Karma was found

When these two hapless souls

To Eachother were bound…