Her Legacy..

What of she

once Queenly fair

bejeweled with riches

precious rare..

What’s become

of one so grand

who’s treasures litter

ancient land..

Beauty fled

her glory died

ashes to ashes

withered pride..


herald her past

tho she is gone

her relics last…


The Empyrean Oasis

Come gentle sinking easement

let feathered down enfold

bring freedom from the vagaries

emotions spin and hold…

By escaping sensibility

deliverance from the known

to The Empyrean Oasis

my spirit wings have flown…

This celestial liberation

lends rest from self control

for soaring with the mystical

rejuvinates my soul…

Invisible Wounds…


this crimson lake

carmine trail

left in your wake…

No dagger struck

to stab or cleave

the unseen blow

that you would leave…

Beating still

though bruised and worn

a heart was ripped

and badly torn…

Helpless baby…


This little one was found dumped in garbage and rescued by my son..she and her surviving sibling are now in my care and thankfully thriving. According to our Vet they are under two weeks old.

Spared from hateful cruelty

a new life sweetly came to me

little one…so innocent

helpless baby…Heaven Sent..

one drop…

one tear drop

reflecting immense grief

tiny salted pool

a heartbreaks trace motif

trails of when

shared tenderness

all drip to faraway

one drop slipping silently

a mournful slow


I’d rather not…know

I’ll admit

I wonder sometimes

about you…in my mind..

Too often I think of you..

I miss you..

Yet I find..

I wouldn’t ever choose to be

a fly upon your wall

I wouldn’t ever want to know

you miss me

not at all…

Lost Chances…

Loud and Mournful

echoes the cry

of chances left

with no goodbye

All the truths

choice failed to say

will flood sore hearts

that fateful day…

This song is played out


of unsung songs


Till I come home…

A hope

won’t bring the sunrise

or cause the moon to glow..

A wish

won’t cause a starry night

when storm clouds swell and grow..

A dream

won’t bring to me your touch

or smiles I used to know..


I will hope and wish for dreams

till home with you I go…