Pretty Distorted…

Slick and oily

poison slips

easy from

such lovely lips…

Distorted picture

pretty face

well dressed deception

clear disgrace…


Empty Handed

These hands

once cupped your face

held you close

in loves embrace…

These hands

worked for years

filled your needs

wiped your tears…

These hands

ache sadly

now all they hold

are memories…

Spirit…please sing..

Sing to me with fragile notes

Sweet easy to my ear…

Sing to me with healing tones

My heart has need to hear

Gentle sounds to fill the space

Replace my mournful tears…

Sing to me a tender breeze

Erase these clouds of fear…

Sing to me kind Spirit

Let your loving Light appear…

Foolish Lamb…

Little Lamb….

Did you ever stop to look

Did you even stop to think…

Before you pulled the Tigers tail

Did you know his teeth would sink…

In peaceful slumber he did lay

and left alone that’s how he’d stay..

How could you fail to know

How quick his rage would grow..

Impulsive foolish

Little lamb

What should you hope to gain

From causing him such pain…

Did you ever stop to think

How quick his teeth could sink…