One Souls Star…

tiny sight

small flickering light…

gentle the breath that feeds the spark…

one ember

glimmers pulsing bright

luminous this glow

shining in the dark…

One Soul Star odyssey


through eternity…


Sorting Truth..

Searching for Truth

No varnish or tint

Of shade or shadow

Not even a hint…

Embellished tales

Thought to sell

Won’t stand the test

Time always tells…

When sorting it out

Within your mind

Be Blunt with Your Honest

Then answers You’ll Find…


One more night

of endless sounds

muffled voices

all around…

Carts on wheels

and squeaky shoes

pills in cups

some white some blue

Skin so frail

and weak of voice

left lonely here

without a choice…

Just a form

in a bed

whose name has changed

to “B” instead…

Eyes See It All….

Subtle clues

Of how you feel

Are on your face

They show what’s real

But few can read

And few can know

The signs of truth

Your actions show

When next you think

You’re hearing lies

Watch close for hints

With Sharper eyes….

Painted Puppets….

The puppets strings

are hard to see

when pulled with skill

their dance seems free…

As with painted smiles

and fancy dress

they move with ease

no signs of stress…

The tune that’s heard

to which they dance

A Master sings

while notes entrance…

Watchers smile

yet fail to tell…

The performer they applaud

Is an empty broken shell…

Helpless Flower…

A flower was rudely plucked today

Trusted hands clutched

and threw her away

Innocent bloom…Tender and young

Helpless Sweet Rose

So heartlessly flung…

The Heart of this World

Has been Torn..and Cries

When an Angel is lost

When a Treasured Child Dies…

And so you drift…

Tell me please where do you go

When clouds are in your eyes

For though you’re standing next to me

I sense a sad good-bye…

When you smile

Is it at me

Or something else

Some memory…

When I touch

and brush your hand

Do you feel

or understand…

Embraced within

a foggy mist

held entrapped

By sightless fists

I’m powerless

with no recourse

And so you drift

With no remorse…

A Life Well Lived

The closer I come

To the edge of the pier

More clearly I see

Far better I hear

For all I’ve lived

And all I’ve done

Shaped who I am

Who I’ve become

Many passed

Though few would stay

Some for a time

Some for a day

Lessons were taught

And wisdoms learned

Battles fought

Victories earned

Pearls were caught

Pearls were thrown

Hope was sought

Love was known…