My Hope and Prayer…

I hope for rich tomorrows

For kinder days to come

I hope for gentle moonlit nights

And days of warming sun

I pray that equal measure

Be graced to all who live

I pray that toleration

All willingly would give

We each drag with us baggage

And all wear scars and scrapes

For trials that come from living

Not one of us escapes

And though we may be different

In many countless ways

One dream we hold in common

That some Love might come and stay….


Before the Night

Twilight soft

Sights grow dim

Edges blurr

Visions swim…

Gentle light

Easy glow

Sun to bed

Moon to grow…

Pen in hand…

The Pianist with gifted hands

Brings music to our ears

A Saxophone or Violin

Rich tones for all to hear…

I have no talent for such things

A lack I must withstand

The only notes that I create

Are made with Pen in hand….


Clutter all around me

Reflections of my mind

Nick Nacks placed upon a shelf

And books of countless kinds

Not a hoarder…well not yet

A pack rat though…maybe

Memories throughout the place

All seem to bury me…