Beyond the Blue…

Calm now child

Have no fear

Its but a while

That you’ll be here

The time for all

Upon this Earth

Is temporary

Since our birth

You came from Love

Born of Gods hand

Not from this place

We call our land

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Blue

Your Spirit Home

Waits there for you…



Poor Choice….

I didn’t see

Though signs were there

Illusions clouded sight

My wisdom was impaired

Although you made clear who you are

I chose not to believe

Intentions that were poorly sent

I willingly received

My wants and needs were at the helm

My ship hit stormy seas

It’s no surprise I sadly sank

Wisdom was absentee…

Your Ghost….

Of all the parts I’ve ever played

The one that hurt the most

Would be the role you made for me

Where I became a Ghost…

A specter in a lonely place

Where storied pasts are borne

With crimes that have been placed on me

Crude shackles I have worn

It’s said that time can cure all ills…

Much stronger I’ve become

For now I stand in peace and grace

In spite of what’s been done…

My Lady Dorothy


She had no one who’s love was true

Though ninety years her life lived through

A spinster some would say

Alone on life’s highway

One lucky day our paths would cross

We talked..for words she had no loss

A brilliant mind had she

The Lady Dorothy

A Major she had been through war

And for this cause her love forswore

When peace at last would come

She came home to no one

A family love was sweetly sown

Our bond of care had deeply grown

The gift would be to me

For loving Dorothy

I cared for her when came the time

With age grown frail and foggy mind

A blessing true was she

My Lady Dorothy