A Question of Intention

If you only hold me

in contempt

Why would I welcome

Your embrace?

With sharp knives appearing

From behind

I’ll offer you my

Empty space

Copyright © Murrsma 2014




Crisp at times too brief

Often makes a point

Sharply when it’s inked

Flowers in Her Hair


She grew wandering with her tribe

Her way of life she would describe

To me when I was young

On every word I clung

She shared a picture taken then

Of meadows and a lush green glen

” Look closely child, that’s me right there”

” Oh look, I’ve flowers in my hair”

Her smile grew bright as she showed me

A snap-shot of what used to be

My Great Grandma so long ago

Once blossomed wreathed in nature’s glow

A Special Bond

Honey Bee

I love the way she looks at me

The warm trust in her eyes

With time she came to learn and know

On me she could rely

There’s something very humbling

when one as big as she

Returns the love I feel for her

The way she does to me

I have a lot of animals

and love them all of course

But I must say the bond that forms

Is special with a horse

Apples and Onions

Though apples having bright red skin

are juicy to the core

The fruitiness they hold within

has one taste rarely more

Now take the single, lone onion

with all its many layers

Sauteed or chopped and once they’re done

The dish has rich flavors

Some folks behave as apples do

while sweet there’s not much meat

But onion-folk will offer you

A lavish, varied treat

Thank You Mr. Zalinsky

imageSo very many years ago

Well over forty two

They said I needed one more class

That’s when I first met you

I still recall when you walked in

Your hat and sharp goatee

So fitting you would teach my choice

Of senior poetry

If I knew then what I know now

more thankful I would be

For you’re the one that first did feed

The skills that lived in me

I don’t know where you are today

Or even if you live

So with this piece I Honour You

And deepest Thanks I give