Thank You Mr. Zalinsky

imageSo very many years ago

Well over forty two

They said I needed one more class

That’s when I first met you

I still recall when you walked in

Your hat and sharp goatee

So fitting you would teach my choice

Of senior poetry

If I knew then what I know now

more thankful I would be

For you’re the one that first did feed

The skills that lived in me

I don’t know where you are today

Or even if you live

So with this piece I Honour You

And deepest Thanks I give



2 thoughts on “Thank You Mr. Zalinsky

  1. Out of all the people I’d like to read my poetry and comment on them would be my senior English teacher (who was also my freshman English teacher). She had an intensity about her for teaching and was a pleasure to learn from. Sadly, she’s been dead for some years. I owe much to her and would hope she’d be pleased by what one of her students has done. Enjoyed your poem. Rhyme and rhythm!!!! Yes!

    • Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts, I am glad you enjoyed my poem. In my heart I know my teacher would be pleased, he was so gifted. Again, thank you.

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