Your Light…

The brightest Star

that shines

each night

must be the one

that holds

Your Light…


Quite Alone…..

It bewilders the mind when at the start

sharp teeth sink their way down into your heart

The deep bite so fast it shocks first and stuns

then, day after day…over time grows numb

You know full well though you may try hiding…

the damage lives on rawly abiding

No where to draw comfort for who could know…

the death blows delt to you are yours alone

For what understanding is there for one

whose bleeding eternal…from what’s been done

Believing yourself so alone in pain

you sigh…and from any comment refrain

From outward appearance you seem quite well

and though you are smiling…in grief you dwell…


Buried while still breathing

so much dirt others have thrown

Wished dead while yet still living

Oh the torment that’s grown

Though I’m strong and resilient

with my walls built up high

Some loves that I once carried

will be happy when I die….