Divine Muse

Recalled although too young in year

and long before my entry here

Misunderstood your gifts brought fear

your knowing words few cared to hear

The masses thought you were quite queer

at wisdoms voiced they all would sneer

No thriving in such atmosphere

you yielded to the waiting bier

Throughout my life I’ve felt you near

your whispered songs so sweet so clear

My muse and guide I do revere

deep in my heart I hold you dear

Copyright © Murrsma 2014


In thanks and honor to my muse:  Published in 1932, when Lindbergh’s baby first went missing, the following poem was written by my Grandmother and muse Marie Quaid Baumer  (AKA, Mary Francis Quaid Baumer).


Prayer for Lost Baby

Dear White Savior when it’s night

and winter’s stars blink coldly bright

and in the day while he’s away

guard Lindy’s little one we pray

on those who stole him as he slept

let thy strong fingers firm be kept

that thou might halt them ere they make

a baby suffer for money’s sake

White Spirit of Jesus with thy might

loan those that search all-seeing sight

so Lindy Junior soon may be

home in his own little nursery

Shepherd of children let thy light

shine down on the lost little one tonight