The Comfort of Words…

I write as thoughts flow through to me

The good, the sweet, the sad

The pieces of old memories

Relationships I’ve had

They pour from somewhere deep within

Unbidden all and then

The urge will come to write them down

so I reach for my pen…

That others may relate to words

Of poems I have sown

Brings comfort to my hopeful heart

To find I’m not alone…


In Her Mind….

Safely ensconced

afraid of the gloom

shes hidden herself

away in her room

Dreaming of rainbows

green pastures that grow

all the worlds creatures

that she’ll never know

For darkness exists

things go bump in the night

the fear of it all

keeps her wrapped up in fright

But this is the real world

no fairy tale told

she gave up on life

letting fear take firm hold

No fine Prince will rescue

nor Fairy so kind

this battle she faces

is all in her mind…


I Held You…

Fresh memories slid quickly

the old were lost to mist

The Mercy was you never knew

Recall did not exist..

The sting of pains behind you

The joys we once would share

Were lifted off your shoulders

and blew as dust in air..

The Mercy was you never knew

that sadly I could see

the Mother you had always been

was slipping far from me..

One day the clouds all lifted

and peace for you was known

The Mercy was I held you close

when Spirit took you home..



I Am

not a man

not a woman

not a color

not a culture

not a religion

not a land

I Am

a Being




Spirit Born to Breathe

I Am

One thread in the fabric of life

wholly only



Impatient Flight..

Ah….Poor broken bird

fledged much too soon

abandoning your nest

for want of flight

and freedom

leaving that which clipped your wings…

Ah….Poor broken bird

bewildered so

stretching forth through space


Impatience was your relentless teacher

for far too vast

the heights you spied…


No Titles…

Does the flower

know its name

when wilting comes

does it feel shame?

Do forests deep

or mountains grand

care who claims

to own their land?

And we

who live upon this earth

do monikers

declare our worth?

We’re more than labels

ever worn

we’re all pure Spirits

human born…


Rock Steady….

The prompting owed to anger

Frustrations birthed by moments missed

Oft spark a grievous rage…..

Do quell such inclinations

Stave off the storms that would cast wisdom to the winds

Choice in hand with will, playing unrestrained melodies,

make for a burdensome dance…

Yearn not for imagined lack

rather be content in memory’s embrace,

encouraged by what you hold,

and inspired by all that your heart can “see”……