Reaching Hope

She opened her eyes

at last

Blinking back the weight of foggy dreams

too long left drifting

between hope and yearning…

Empty hands stretched out in earnest desire

grasping for a solid way

to wield life into imaginings

that lay in quiet wanting…

 no longer content to be held at bay….




Older by far

than all  here who breathe

We come and we go

but you never leave

With memories eternal

of this revolving stage

Our entire book of life

is your mere turning page

When my chapters all are written

and with stars I do commune

I’ll no longer look with envy

At you ….our glowing constant Moon….


From dust….

Chaos strapped on steel toed intent

crashing through comfort

crushing all sentiment

gnashing it’s jaws and it’s teeth dripping hate

Chaos chuckled with glee while snacking on fate

Weakened rubble remained

Ashes clinging to dust

Somehow hope had survived

left to rise

….as it must….



He nudged her hibernating hopes

And kindled the fire

In a sleeping sun

He gently roused the starving bear

Offering freely the full portion

Of his own raw vulnerabilities

Holding up to thirsty lips

A full cup of life’s possibilities

And won her heart forever….


Inner Child…..

Hush now do please be quiet

small voice from yesterday

the sun is shining where I stand

and here I choose to stay…

Then melancholy whispers

” recall who once you were

the child who weeps in silence

when will you rescue her? ” …

Steel beams replaced the tender skin

iron ore is now her core

that stones and arrows aimed to harm

will touch her never more ….

When comes the day of ending

the time I’m meant to part

I’ll hold the child from the past

in the cradle of my heart…..


Arrogant Archer…

What will you do..when the bane of your existence has exited the stage..when the final chapter in this book has reached it’s ” The End” page..?

Who then will be the victim..of your proud indignity..who will be the target when the bull’s-eye isn’t me..?

What will you do with all that hate..and savored vicious rage..what will you do when all that’s left is a cold and dreary cage..?

I pity your resentments..your sad ever spy the mirror for accountability..

Who will be the target..when..the bull’s-eye isn’…?

Maggie May played today…

Maggie May played today

Sweet mandolin swept me away…

His firebird was dusty blue

the top was always down

his blonde hair blew free

long and loose

he had sunglasses on…

A flashback to a school-girl crush

when Stewart sang his song

sweet mandolin strings plucked a beat

that strung her heart along…

A young one called a flower child

lives here within me still

and now and then when Stewart sings

again her memories spill…

Maggie May played today

Sweet mandolin swept me away…